Ah, fall. The air’s crisper, the leaves are leaving, and the colors are (probably) changing. Well, at least in the stores, they are. Here are some easy ways to get into the autumn spirit with your décor.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving. You know that holiday where everyone gets together and eats a lot of extra food and watches football games they don’t really care about? It’s called Thanksgiving, and it actually has a rich history that’s worth celebrating before all the commercial Christmas craziness takes over. For decorating purposes, find inexpensive items that actually say, “Give Thanks” or “Thankful” or something similar, and add items around them that complement the colors.

Stay earthy. Three simple items with orange, yellow, brown and red earth tones can add a huge dose of fall spirit: throw pillows, candles and napkins (that’s right, napkins). See, it’s all about repeating the same theme. So instead of boring old neutral tones, invest a little in items that look (and smell) the part. Place them in often-traveled areas of your house (kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and living room). Keep them there until the snow comes. Easy.

Play Charlie Brown. Two of the greatest animated features ever made are “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” They simply don’t get old. Keep these by the ol’ BluRay or DVD player and play them often, even if the kids complain. It’s great entertainment, and no one feels like they wasted an hour watching them.

There you have it. It’s easy to get into the fall spirit. Now go get earthy!