Walking into a cluttered bathroom day after day may not seem like a big deal until one day, you tidy it up, and—wow! —using the loo suddenly feels better for you.

Want to keep it that way? Try this:

An under-the-sink organizer. Whether you build one yourself or buy one off the shelf, an under-sink organizer can save you precious counter space and make things much easier to find when you need them (where is that toilet brush?!).

Find space. Speaking of organizing, make sure every item—toothbrushes, hair straightener, makeup, towels, even tweezers—has a place. And if it’s lying around, send it home. No item, frequently used or not, should just get thrown into any old drawer. That costs you time when you’re in the morning rush and also adds to the clutter that you’ll have to organize later.

Clean up regularly. Nothing makes things work like a schedule. Put “bathroom cleaning” on the calendar and make everyone pitch in. Kids do their bathroom, parents do theirs. Everyone wins and keeps it under control.

Throw stuff away. Empty shampoo bottles, dull razors, that mystery travel bottle that somehow keeps popping up—if it ain’t getting’ used, pitch it. Right now. Your space and your time are too important to let clutter drag you down.

So there. Getting things in order makes sense and makes you feel better. Get to it!